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Welcome to my fun little website about ... waffle makers!

Yes, I LOVE waffles, and I hope you do too.

Waffles, anyone?

The waffle maker dates back to the 15th century, but may be even older than that. Waffle irons were designed by blacksmiths, but whether the customer or the blacksmith first invented the design is unknown. The pizelle maker, used by Italians to make wafer cookies, closely resembles an old-fashioned waffle iron. Waffles were first introduced in the United States by Thomas Jefferson, who brought a waffle iron back from France in the 1790s. Europe had long enjoyed this delicious alternative to plain bread, and now it was time for the US to get in on the action.

A traditional waffle maker was made out of two cast iron plates and was heated on top of a gas or wood stove. One side was heated at time. Since this was before electricity, the timer, and temperature gages, knowing when to turn the waffle was a skill learned in trial-and-error.

Some waffle makers are small and will not take up much room, whereas others require more space. However, many models can stored upright to save space and some come with a cord storage feature. You can choose from waffle makers with a shiny finish or a more matte look.

Most tend to be silver, although some models do come in different colours. Waffle makers can be round or square in shape, and you can go for a model with a very modern look or choose something different, to suit your personal taste.

Other waffle makers come with accessories such as dipping compartments and recipe booklets. Check the product descriptions when you are comparing waffle makers to see whether any extra items are included, as these can make your waffle maker more versatile and provide added value. Also, be sure to check the warranty period, as some waffle makers may have longer guarantees than others.

Waffles come in various shapes and sizes, including large rounds which can then be divided into triangular sections.

Alternatively, some waffle makers produce sticks or fingers which are great for dipping and that children love. It is possible buy waffles makers that are double sided. These types of makers mean that you can cook two waffles simultaneously so you can a large number in faster time.

Heart-shaped Belgium waffles are also a popular choice and always look good, whereas some waffle makers do larger, more square-shaped waffle sections in family-sized portions. You can also make extra thin waffles to roll into cones. As you can see, there are many varieties of waffle to choose from, and you should keep the type of waffle you prefer in mind when choosing your appliance. Whatever shape, size and thickness of waffle you like best, there is a waffle maker to suit you.


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